Welcome to the Denver Chapter of the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) Home page.

Our chapter provides women in accounting, business and finance evening dinner meetings throughout the year on various topics, which allow the opportunity for Continuing Professional Education (CPE). Chapter meetings offer networking with members, speakers and quests. The chapter is committed to recognizing outstanding accounting students, as well as providing yearly scholarship awards to students across the state.

We have many volunteer opportunities in our organization as a member of AFWA and as a part of the Rocky Mountain Area Conference. The Rocky Mountain Area Conference is a two day conference offering 16 hours of CPE credit which is jointly sponsored by AFWA, the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), and the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

Becoming involved is a great way to get to know fellow members, members of related organizations and experience the broader scope of what AFWA is all about.

Please contact the president@afwadenver.org if you have any questions or wish further information about AFWA.

Please note:the credit hours have changed for this months dinner meeting on Nov 18 to 2 credit hours.


May – June 2015

Dear Members, Associates, and Friends:

I trust that all of the tax accountants had a harmonious and prosperous tax season!  I myself am glad things went well, and am busy with the extended tax season and the monthly projects now. 

Our April program meeting was interesting.  The speaker has a lot of insightful ideas on exploring WHY we do what we do.  Since we spend a lot of time thinking about what we do, this was certainly a different approach to inspire our actions going forward.

The May Meeting details are posted to the website now.  You may register on the website and pay via PayPal or at the door.  You may also register via the Constant Contact that will be sent out to your e-mail.  Please call me at 303-690-2030 office or 303-619-8900, or e-mail me at JeanineBuben@comcast.net if you experience any issues with the registration process.  I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

The board will be virtually meeting on Monday, May 11, instead of on May 18.  Let me know if you are not a voting board member, and would like to join the meeting.  I will need to know by noon on Monday, so that I can arrange to get you included.  We still need two directors to serve on the board for upcoming two fiscal years.  This is critical to grow our core leadership and to ensure the continuation of our chapter.  Please contact me directly if you can serve, and I am especially looking for anyone who has never been on the board, to learn the workings of our organization. 

I have been working on the new website with colleagues, and the Board will be reviewing it, next week.  The new site will go live by no later than the July 1 start date of our new fiscal year, but likely by a June date.  We have appreciated the current webmaster’s help over the years, but circumstances have changed, and the membership and board wanted more modern features and team services that Kevin could no longer provide. 

Calvin Croy, PhD, my spouse, wrote a professional questionnaire for our chapter.  Maggie will be sending it to you via Survey Monkey, and I encourage you to return your responses within 10 days of receiving it, so that your opinions count.  The Board will review the results and address your preferences to the best of our abilities and resources.  Calvin is also a great photographer, and we are asking him to take some scenic views for our new website, trusting of course that he will accept.

I have written a letter to send to the local universities, colleges, and other schools with accounting, bookkeeping, and/or finance programs.  Due to the heavy load of the Board before summer, we will not visit the career and job fairs this spring, but DO plan on visiting them in the fall.  Again, anyone who would like to visit with students with me, please let me know, so that I can contact you when opportunities arise.


Finally, have a nice spring and an awesome summer!  I will be writing you again soon!


President Jeanine

Jeanine Buben-Croy, MT, EA